About us

We seek to protect children from violence, neglect, trauma and pain, so that they can grow into healthy, strong, well-adjusted adults. We help families who have experienced abuse face their fears and find the hope to rebuild.

We are the only resource in Shiawassee County that provides trauma counseling at no charge to families.


When a case of sexual or serious physical abuse is reported, the Child Abuse Prevention Council conducts a “forensic interview”. The child tells his/her story one time to a trained and compassionate adult who can ask all the right questions. The interview is recorded and can be used in the investigation and prosecution of alleged child abuse. This proven technique makes it safe for children to tell their stories, and easier for law enforcement to prosecute offenders.


The primary causes of abuse are past experience of the parents or financial hardship. That’s we take a three-fold approach to prevention:

  • Resources for parents: We provide counseling, parenting classes and support groups to connect parents, and a Baby Pantry for essential supplies, such as food and diapers.
  • Training: We educate teens, adults and parents about effective ways to prevent abuse, and how to report suspected cases of abuse.
  • Reaching out to children: We teach a comprehensive four-week personal safety program in conjunction with law enforcement to 2nd and 4th graders, including safety in public, bullying, sexual safety, and more.
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