We offer a series of classes to assist parents and other caregivers how to improve family relationships.  Participants will learn about: child development, communicate physical and emotional needs, routines, effective discipline, handling stress, and building family cohesion.

These classes are offered free of charge to Shiawassee County residents and are offered many times throughout the year at  various locations.

Parent/Caregiver Classes:

  • Darkness to Light-Stewards of Children (community education)
  • Parents of Victims Support Group (non-offending parents/caregivers)

Youth Classes:

  • Infant and Child Prevention Education (Baby Think It Over/Babysitter Skills) (for 11 to 16 year old)
  • Darkness to Light-Steward of Children (community education for teens)
  • Youth Victim Support Group (non-offending youth)
  • Personal Safety Awareness Program (PSAP) (offered through your child’s school/2nd & 4th graders)

For more information contact us at 989-723-5877.